The Rural Electronic Patient File

In the autumn of 2008 the setting-up of the rural electronic patient file starts (EPD). By means of this system data of patients on a rural network are digitally kept. The advantages of the rural EPD are:

  • the medical data of a patient are always available;
  • the data farmhouses but one time to be introduced;
  • hospitals, general practitioners and other care providers can ask the current data of a patient from the complete country and realise.

Virtual file

Much medical data are now already kept digitally. These data are frequently only within one hospital or one general practitioner practice available. With the rural EPD the data become available for all care providers. The computer systems of care providers are rurally coupled. Thus the virtual rural EPD arise. In the autumn 2008 the rural EPD are widely brought under the attention. YOU receive at home a letter, radio derisions are transmitted and in the newspapers advertisements stand. All care providers who can use of the rural EPD, receive an information parcel.

Deze week een leuke variant op de aloude spam tegengekomen: Engelse spam (gebrekkig) vertaald naar het Nederlands. Als je het omdraait, zoals met deze tekst van de website van VWS, is het resultaat interessant. The rural electronic patient file dat “rurally coupled” is, geweldig…

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